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Chicago C.H.E.M.

We exist to support and encourage families run the race of home education.
Many people believe, “homeschooling is only something people in the suburbs or rural areas do,” but nothing can be further from the truth. More and more Christian parents in Chicago are choosing to home educate their children for a variety of reasons. Some parents feel their children can be better educated at home. Some parents want to protect their children from the violence in public schools or they feel the only way to teach their children a biblical worldview is to home educate. Other parents believe it is a command from God. Whatever the reason, we have exercised our freedom to home educate our children.

Since so many people live in Chicago, homeschoolers living in Chicago find it difficult to meet other home educating families in the city and end up feeling isolated and alone. Many times misunderstood by the people closest to them. We from Chicago Christian Homeschool Educators of Midway would like to see this change. If you are inquiring about homeschooling, a beginner to home education or a veteran homeschooler we hope to meet and get to know you. We hope you will find this website useful.

Enrique & Dinora Ruiz

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